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Type 1 and Type 2 (Studio Apartments) View

Current Status

Type 1 Studio Apartments View

Current Status

Type 2 Studio Apartments View


Current Status

Restaurant & Theatre View

Key Plan

Layout Plan

Type 1 Floor Plan


Plinth area in Sq.Ft.

Common area in Sq.Ft.

Total salable area in Sq.Ft.

Undivided share  of land in Sq.Ft.

Type-1 G1,G2, F3, F4 612.12 25.28 637.40 502.91


Type 2 (Studio Apartments) Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan - G1, G2 - 380.00 Sq.Ft., G3 - 300.75 Sq.Ft.

First Floor Plan - F1, F2 - 614.50 Sq.Ft.


Plinth area in Sq.Ft.

Common area in Sq.Ft.

Total salable area in Sq.Ft.

Undivided share  of land in Sq.Ft.

Type-2 G1, G2 336.75 43.25 380.00 307.00
Type-2 G3 266.50 34.25 300.75 243.00
Type-2 F1, F2 544.50 70.00 614.50 496.00

Restaurant & Theatre Plan

Structure :

  • RCC Framed Structure Ground + 1 floor

Walls :

  • Outer Walls - No.1 Quality Bricks /  Hollow blocks 9" thick up to ceiling height.
  • 4.5" thick inner walls with bricks.

Plastering :

  • Inner and outer walls will be of cement plastering with smooth finish.

Flooring :

  • Hall, Dining And Bedromms - 24" * 24" 1st Quality joint-less Ceramic Tile Flooring

Painting :

  • Wall Painting - All outer walls will be painted with Emulsion paint and inner walls will be full putty and painted with Emulsion paint of pleasing colour.
  • Doors & Windows - Doors and Windows will be painted with 2 coats of enamel paint.
  • Grills - All Grills will be painted with 2 coats of metallic paint.

Cupboards :

  • Hall - One cupboard with three Cuddapah slabs covered with Glazed doors (Wherever applicable)
  • Bed Room - One cupboard with two cuddapah slabs both sides polished in Bed room and covered with wood work (Wherever applicable)
  • Kitchen - One cupboard and kitchen with Wall panels (Wherever applicable)

Loft :

  • Bed Room - On one side of bedroom and covered with doors (Wherever applicable)

Kitchen :

  • Cooking Platform - Granite top for cooking platform and with plain 12" * 8" Glazed tiles for dado up to a height of 2'0".
  • Sink - Single Bowl Stainless Steel without drain board.
  • One exhaust fan at 7'0" level (Wherever applicable).

Balcony :

  • Balcony flooring with 24" * 24" Joint less ceramic tiles and Grill up to a height of 3'0".

Doors :

  • Main Door - Main door will be made of teak wood frame, fitted with Teak wood shutter with Auldrop, safety chain, magic eye, towerbolt, etc.,
  • Bed Room & Balcony Doors - All Bed room & Balcony Doors will be made of Salwood frames, and fitted with Skindoors.
  • Toilet Doors - The toilet door will be made of 3" * 2" Salwood door frames fitted with 25mm thick water proof flush shutters / PVC shutters (Handle, Tower Bolts, locks, wherever required).
  • French Doors - Padak wood frame and shutters fitted with 5mm glass and safety grill (Wherever applicable).
  • Windows - All Windows will be made of salwood, fitted with 5mm glass and safety grills or Powder coated steel windows (As decided by the company).

Toilets :

  • Closets - One western style Wall mount closet.
  • Wash Basin - One Wash Basin in toilet or in dining.
  • Wall Tiles - 12" * 8" Printed Ceramic Tiles for side wall up to the ceiling height.
  • Flooring Tiles - 12" * 12" Printed Ceramic Tiles for flooring.
  • Ventilator - One Ventilator with Glass louvers.
  • Exhaust Fan - One exhaust fan at 7'0" level.

Drainage :

  • Connected from toilets by 4" PVC pipelines to the main chamber and from there by 4" SW pipe Connection to the Main Sewer.

Special Features :

  • Restaurant / Administrative Office - Refer plan.
  • Electrical - Room Warmer with Remote provision in Bed room.
    • All wires used will be of Fire retardant for better safety.
    • - Provision of all Electrical and Electronics items. (refer list)
  • Security - 24 hours security provided with intercom facility.
  • Storm Water Drain - Storm water drains will be constructed on either sides of the road.
  • Dust Bin - Dust bins will be provided on either side of the streets at regular intervals.
  • Power Generator - 24 Hr power back up with generator with required capacity.

Water connection inside the flat

Kitchen :

  • One tap provision in the sink.
  • One aqua guard with two-in-one tap provision.

Toilet :

  • Four way Divertor with hot and cold water connection and hand shower.
  • One health faucet.
  • One tap connection for lavatory.
  • Shower connection in toilet.

Tap Provision Outside :

  • One tap connection in the set back area.

General Plumbing :

  • All Fitting will be of CP from good brands.
  • Concealed Special PVC blue pipes for cold eater and GI pipes for hot water.

Electrical provision with fittings inside the flat

Main Entrance :

  • One Calling Bell switch.
  • One two way light point in the main entrance.

Hall :

  • Three light points.
  • One Fan point (Without fittings).

  • One Room Warmer Point.

  • One 5A PP in the Switch Board.

  • One 5A provision for TV, VCR etc.,

  • Built in TV Point.

  • Built in Telephone Connection.

Dining :

  • One light point.
  • One 15A Power point for washing machine.

Bed Room :

  • Two light points.

  • One Fan point (Without fitting).

  • One 5A Power Point  in the Switch Board.

  • One Telephone point.

  • One 5A  Power point for telephone.

  • One foot lamp.

Kitchen :

  • Two light point.
  • One exhaust fan point.

  • Two 5A Power point.

  • One 15A Power point.

Toilet :

  • One Light point.

  • One 15A PP for geyser in toilet.

  • One exhaust fan point.

Balcony :

  • One Light point in Balcony.

Switches :

  • Deluxe model Anchor / Wonder Switches.

Distribution Board :

  • One 4 way distribution box fitted with breakers, isolator, etc.,
  • Manual phase changers with power indicators.

General Wiring :

  • Concealed copper wiring with proper Fittings.
  • Gate lights in compound wall pillars.

  • Four light points around the building.

EB Connection :

  • One Three phase power connection.

Common Amenities

EB Connection :

  • One three phase power connection for Security cabin and other common Utilities.

Plot Filling :

  • All open area around the building will be raised up to a height of 1'0" from Road level and building level will be raised to a height of 1'0" from the site level.

Common Drainage :

  • All drainage Pipes from the building will be connected to the main sewer which is in turn connected to the Municipality Sewer pipe line.

Special amenities inside the flat

EB Connection :

  • One 21" Colour TV in hall.
  • One fully Automatic washing machine.
  • One Double cot with foam bed and two pillows in bed rooms.
  • Two wooden/plastic chairs in each flats.
  • One Sofa cum bed -Three seater (Wherever applicable).
  • Two Sofa cum bed - Single seater (Wherever applicable).
  • One portable water treatment unit in kitchen.
  • One dining table with three chairs (Wherever applicable).
  • One Room warmer.
  • Two exhaust fan (Wherever applicable).
  • One Electric stove with two burners.
  • One Tea table (wherever applicable).
  • One shoe stand.
  • One Telephone with operator assistance.
  • Two dust bin.
  • One Family Hot case.
  • One Flask.
  • One Cooking set and Dinner set.
  • One Steam Cooker.
  • One 15 litre Geyser.
  • Two Buckets in toilet.
  • One mixer grinder.
  • Curtains for windows.
  • One mirror.
  • Table spoon set.